Seattle – Space Needle

April 28, 2016

I had never, in my entire life, been in a rotating restaurant, so when we planned for Seattle to be the first stop on our road trip, the first thing I did was book a reservation for Sky City. We opted for brunch as I wanted to get some great pictures of the skyline during the day, and after reading a few reviews, and finding out they offered prime rib on their brunch menu – I was sold!!


Upon arriving we were quickly ushered into the elevator and it took a quick 45 seconds to get up. When we were seated I think I was focusing too much on the fact that we were actually rotating because I was starting to get a little dizzy! It didn’t help much that I could feel my chair moving ever so slightly!! However, this quickly dissipated when we started looking at the menu and I shifted my focus to the meal!


The three course menu provided lots of choices from seafood to standard breakfast fare, and anything in between. I am definitely one to prefer savory dinner time food over breakfast as my brunch so I decided to start with breaded and fried Beechers Cheese Curds. The curds were accompanied by roasted red peppers and a sauce which my waitress indicated I should make sure to get all of it. She was not kidding, that stuff was AMAZING! Always listen to your wait staff folks!


As an entrée, I of course, ordered the Prime Rib – Medium Rare (is there any other way?!?) It was accompanied by a heaping pile of mashed potatoes that could surely feed a family of 4, some lovely asparagus, au jus and horseradish sauce!


For dessert, (who has dessert for brunch?!? I do, because I’m on vacation!) I ordered whipped cream over strawberries with a piece of chocolate bark. The freshness of the barriers and cream proved to be just what I needed after a heavy meal, and I gladly skipped the chocolate.


Feeling very much stuffed we made our way up to the observation deck to take in the view. It was truly amazing to get to see such a unique perspective on the city, and truly grasp the scope of how large the city is. Overall, the Space Needle was a highlight in our stay in Seattle, for the food, for the view, and for the experience!!!



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