Tacoma – America’s Car Museum

May 15, 2016

As we prepared to leave Seattle we wanted to do one more activity that morning but were really not feeling going back into the city. Since we have lived in “the loops” for officially 2 years now, dealing with traffic has become harder and harder, since our morning commute for the 2 of us is a grand total of 15 minutes. We opted for heading to Tacoma and were we ever glad we did!

This much smaller city, is quaint, unbelievable green (presumably from all the rain), and home to the LeMay America’s Car Museum. As we were at the starting point of what is bound to be an incredible road trip, we figured this was truly fitting.


The building which houses the incredible car collection is stunning from the inside and out!


Sam and I didn’t really dig too deeply into this excursion, so when we got there we assumed it was a one level hall full of cars, but it was actually 4 levels underground which you walked down like a parking garage.


They had a variety of exhibits from Coach built cars to Nascar to British cars, all in exquisite lighting that made it so easy to take great pictures!




The coachbuilt cars were particularly interesting because these cars would cost up to 300,000$ in America money today, and really highlighted the divide in wealth at the turn of the century, and which continues today.



One of my favorite parts was getting to sit in an old coach car for a FREE picture! Sweet bonus!

Car photo

When we left the museum we searched for a nearby gift shop because we decided we wanted to rock some bumper stickers on the car and this was our last stop in Washington. Onwards to Oregon!

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